Getting a Job in Consulting: Is it Difficult?

Consulting is one of the most sought-after career paths for MBA graduates, and the competition for these prestigious positions is fierce. Every year, recruiters are looking for only 20 to 30 students, while firms like Goldman Sachs and Clifford Chance are recruiting close to 100. This means that many applicants are applying for a job they know little about. To help demystify the process, Pidgeon recently wrote a book, “How to Get a Job in Consulting”.The challenge of getting a job in consulting without prior experience is real.

However, studying the first part of the CFA or an MBA is not a must for finding a job. If you have the right skills, such as mental mathematics and social skills, consulting can be an excellent profession. It offers intellectual challenge, travel opportunities, and good graduate salaries. To get a job in consulting, you must first understand what the job entails. You should also know where to look for consulting jobs and learn about consulting companies that recruit new professionals in the industry.

Networking is also essential as it helps you share information and build relationships with potential employers. Finally, don't forget that the only way to guarantee you don't get offered a job is to not apply in the first place. So make sure you explore all of the options available, including online platforms. With hard work and dedication, you can find success in the consulting industry.

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