Is Consulting a High Pressure Profession?

Consulting is a profession that comes with a lot of pressure. It is not a 9-5 job and you may feel like you are “always working” since you are expected to be on the road for long periods of time. If you are looking for stability and structure, then consulting may not be the right career for you. However, if you are looking for an opportunity to create your own work and be responsible for your impact, then consulting could be the perfect fit. As an expert in the field, I can tell you that consulting is a high-pressure job that involves a great deal of stress.

Like other high-powered professions such as law or investment banking, a career in consulting can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue. The normal working hours in the consulting industry range from 60 to 80 hours a week, not including any work you have to do on the weekends. There is fierce competition among graduates of major business schools for positions in top-tier consulting firms such as Bain & Co, Accenture, Ernst & Young, BCG, KPMG, PWC, and others. It is important to consider the pros and cons of consulting before deciding if it is the right option for you. A Quora response from a former Big 4 management consultant mentions that Deloitte joked “Partners eat their young”.

Consulting firms also offer employees the opportunity to participate in training, conferences, and seminars which is a great way to network with senior executives and other professionals in this field. Consultants are experts at perfectionism which means they are constantly pushing their limits to exceed expectations. Maximize your possibilities by enrolling in the most comprehensive consultant hiring course to date. A common joke in the consulting industry says that newcomers can gain between 5 and 7 kg in the first three months until they learn to control themselves at hotel buffets. By focusing on these attractive advantages of consulting many people overlook the challenges they may face when trying to move up the consulting ladder. Consultants are also expected to always be “available” making it difficult to find a clear separation between personal and professional life.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing Consulting

To get an idea of whether consulting is right for you it is important to answer some questions and watch videos from former Big 4 consultants such as Mika Kim who explains why it was worth consulting for her personally.

In addition to this there is a clear hierarchical structure in consulting firms that provides their members with upward mobility.

  • Am I prepared to work long hours?
  • Am I comfortable with frequent travel?
  • Do I have the necessary skillset?
  • Am I willing to take risks?

The Benefits of Consulting

In conclusion, consulting is a high pressure job that requires dedication and hard work. It offers great opportunities for networking and upward mobility but also comes with its own set of challenges such as long working hours and lack of separation between personal and professional life. The benefits of consulting include:
  • Opportunity to work with top executives.
  • Chance to develop new skills.
  • Opportunity to travel.
  • Competitive salary.
If you are looking for an exciting career that offers great rewards, then consulting could be the perfect fit for you.

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