Which big 4 has best benefits?

The rankings are somewhat subjective, but Deloitte currently offers the most free time with 16 weeks of paid vacation. EY and KPMG have similar programs, but they have fewer side benefits. PwC is ranked last in the paid vacation category with just 6 weeks. Surprisingly, the possibility of not having to wear a suit and tie all day, every day, has been rated very positively by the four great professionals.

This could be because professionals place importance on convenience and, at the same time, dedicate 12 hours a day during tax season. Whatever the case, the meters, apparently, aren't as buttoned up as you might think. The Big Four accountants highly appreciate their companies' policies when it comes to helping them create wealth. And there may be nothing that helps build an employee's wealth more than a healthy 401 (k) contribution.

While some companies, both large and small, may think that employees don't care one way or another about this benefit, the big four companies understand its importance. And the employees of the Big Four Companies certainly understand (and notice) that, too. Many people dream of working for one of the big four accounting firms (Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG), but is it right for you? As with any decision you make in your life, there are advantages and disadvantages that you must weigh to determine if this is the right path. Outside of peak season and when you're not engaged with a client, you'll have great flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want.

This means that external commitments, such as family responsibilities, can be fulfilled. It also means that those who like to work at home or at the local coffee shop will be happy much of the year. The most important thing is that when there is work to be done, it is done with a high degree of quality. Job security has taken a special role in the last 12 months due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and many people who are part of the accounting and finance teams of companies across the country have been left unemployed for reasons beyond their control.

The big four companies have remained relatively unscathed and the business has continued to grow, even in the event of an economic recession or financial crisis. In most cases, a position within these companies can be considered secure. Working for Deloitte, PwC, EY, or KPMG will allow you to join just about any accounting firm or financial institution you want, should you decide to move forward. Experience in one of the big four companies is a seal of approval and you will deserve a high level of respect throughout your career.

PwC audits the highest percentage of the S&P 100, with a market share of 32%; however, of the S&P 500 it ranks second behind EY. In the United Kingdom, PwC used to hold the highest share of the FTSE 100, also with a market share of 37%, but now it has fallen to 25%, like the other four big accounting firms, as the United Kingdom tightened competition laws for auditing firms. Deloitte's purpose is to “create an impact that matters”. They are focusing their efforts on practical implementation and product operations for large organizations.

These projects are worth millions of dollars each and place Deloitte in a good position to sell in the future, when organizations seek to digitize other parts of their business. Work environments and people also score high in all four companies. With huge revenues, they can afford luxury offices in popular areas of the cities where they are present.

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