Which big 4 is best for consulting?

They are not necessarily the biggest firms, but the firms. The top 3 consulting firms versus the big 4 make for an interesting comparison. The three main management consulting firms are McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, known as MBB firms. They are not necessarily the biggest firms, but they are the most prestigious firms that can charge high fees to their clients.

The big 4 refer to the top 4 accounting firms. These firms may have strategy branches that compete with MBB firms, but most of their business is related to accounting. Let's make a small comparison between the top 3 and the big 4 consulting firms and see what some of the differences are. If you're looking at what firms you can apply to, this should give you some interesting facts to consider.

I have to decide between the four big companies in the field of management consulting. I have offers (as an associate) for two big four and will soon surpass the other two, but I still can't decide which one to join. I value work culture and entrepreneurship. In addition, my goal is to be among the 10 best MBAs in the future.

I've heard that Deloitte and PWC are better.

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