How much does a mckinsey partner make?

At this level, it is also expected to play an active role in hiring, internal training, and supporting associate partners and partners in their business development efforts. Business school students who became McKinsey consultants interviewed by BusinessBecause say that learning doesn't end once you get a job at McKinsey. McKinsey hires staff at many of the top business schools in the United States. In the US, such as the Columbia Business School and Chicago Booth, as well as in European business schools, such as INSEAD and the London Business School.

A career as a consultant at one of the most important strategic consulting firms will undoubtedly allow you to have a challenging, diverse and satisfying career dealing with very intelligent people, whether you advance to become a partner or decide to dedicate yourself to a position in the industry after reaching the level of manager and obtaining that illustrious “set of tools”.

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